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Travel to Kentucky

Travel - Kentucky
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Kentucky is located in the east central of the United States of America. Kentucky borders 7 states. it is above Tennessee, under Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, east to Virginia, and west to Missouri. If you live in any of these states just travel toward that way. One of the best ways to get where you want to go is a GPS, just buy one and enter the exact place, and you will get there. A map is also very help full, so take on of these navigation equipments.

The absolute location of Kentucky is 98°41.9'W 38°29.9'N, and its relative location is 15 mi. NE of Great Bend, so you can average by looking at a map . You may also travel by airplane, bus, or train, there are many choices. It depends on where you live because if you live far it will be better to travel by air or train, because traveling by car takes too much time. Kentucky has many big cities and many attractions so if you go there, make sure you see them. Kentucky is also in North America, in the United States Of America. Good luck on your next trip to Kentucky.