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Capital of Kentucky

Capital - Kentucky
Photo: OZinOH

Frankfort is the captial of Kentucky. It serves as the captial of the state and the county seat of Franklin County. The captial of Kentucky is also the 5th smallest state captial.

The captial of Kentucky was named after and event that took place in the 1780's. A group of pioneers were making salt at a ford on the Kentucky River. Indians attacked the group and killed one of the pioneers named Stephen Frank. The crossing where the pioneers were attacked was named Frank's Ford, after Stephen Frank. It was then shortened and later became Frankfort. Today it is called Frankfort the state captial of Kentucky.

John Brown a Virginia lawyer and statesman intoduced the bill which granted statehood to Kentucky. He accomplished this while in US Congress and later became Senator of Kentucky. He built a famous home in 1796 named Liberty Hall.

James Wilkinson purchased 260 acres of land on the north side of the Kentucky River in 1786. He was in favor of Frankfort being the capital of Kentucky. The land Wilkinson bought is now down town Frankfort.

Today the modern Frankfort has seen a lot of growth since the 1960's. The Captial Plaza was constructed. The Captial Plaza Tower Offices, Capital Plaza Hotel and Plaza Shoppes surround the capital building of Kentucky. Growth and more modern changes have been in the works since 2008 for the Captial Plaza Tower.

The captial of Kentucky is home to some of the most well known distilleries of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. Buffalo Trace Distillery is one of those very well known.

There is a lot of historic attractions, shopping, museums and theater guilds in Frankfort. Plenty of great hotels and restaraunts are located through out the city. The Captial of Kentucky is packed with exciting things to do and see.