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Winning Big with the Kentucky lottery

For a Kentuckian feeling lucky, the Kentucky lottery is a great way to dive into some serious riches. Since 1989, the Kentucky lottery has been awarding winners of their exciting games millions of dollars. With such a wide variety of games to pick from, anyone has a chance at winning big in Kentucky.

One of the most famous games the Kentucky lottery offers is Win for Life. A victor of this game of chance will finally have the life he or she has dreamed of. The game plays much like Keno. A player gets a slip and selects six numbers 1-42, or can have the computer randomly generate his or her numbers. Once the slip is turned in, all that is left to do is wait for the grand drawing on Wednesday and Saturday. If all six of the numbers are drawn, the lucky player gets $1,000 a week for life! Lesser prizes are awarded for matching some numbers, as well. Chances of getting a prize increase since a seventh FREE ball is also drawn.

Another exciting game offered by the Kentucky lottery is Powerball. The minimum Powerball jackpot is $20 million, making it clear that this Kentucky lottery game means serious bucks. Players interested fill out a slip and select five numbers 1-59, then the Powerball number 1-39. Selecting Power Play will multiply winnings by a multiplier determined at the drawing. On Wednesday and Saturday, players can find out what numbers are drawn by the Kentucky lottery and see if their ticket hit a big win!

Although both of these games are full of action and big prizes, there are many more available from the Kentucky lottery. Riding into some cold, hard cash is easy and fun for a Kentucky lottery player.