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Kentucky Information: Useful Phone Numbers and Websites to Plan Your Trip

Located in Central Eastern US, Kentucky is nicknamed the “Bluegrass State” after the native bluegrass that still grows wild there. Besides the natural beauty of the state, there are many things to travel to Kentucky for. The Kentucky Derby is of course one of the states most recognizable events, but there is also the Mammoth Cave National Park, famous bourbon distilleries and college basketball. If you’re planning a trip to this lovely state, or if your interest is peaked check out some of the local information available on the web! Here are some of the ways you can do some more research on beautiful Kentucky!

Useful Websites: - The official state website of Kentucky, here you’ll find some useful and interesting information about the state! - Website of the Kentucky Tourism Council.

Useful Phone Numbers:
Kentucky Tourism Council: 502-223-8687
Kentucky Department of Travel: 800-225-8747
Kentucky Historical Society: 502-564-1792
Kentucky Horse Park: 800-678-8813
Kentucky Department of Parks: 800-255-7275