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Kentucky Tourism

Tourism - Kentucky
Photo: rbglasson

Planning a trip to the exciting state of Kentucky can be a wonderful experience for the entire family. Kentucky has many popular attractions, including museums, natural attractions, and historical events. Sure Kentucky is well- known for its horse racing, and bourbon, however there is much more than that in the sophisticated, historical state of Kentucky.

If you are interested in taking the children to an event they will enjoy, you should stop at the Louisville Zoo. There are many exciting events, including the new sea lion attraction. In addition, the zoo offers an amazing 4-D theater that is sure to excite children and adults of all ages.

Next stop on the list should be the Newport aquarium. This is an amazing attraction with beautiful creatures from all over the world. You will see penguins, seals, otters, turtles and more. This exhibit is open 365 days a year for an amazing trip anytime you choose.

An exciting exhibit for anyone to view in Kentucky should be the quilt museum. This is actually the world's largest museum of quilts, from antique to modern. Furthermore, don't miss out on the historical International Bluegrass Museum that represents the musical history of the state. There are also many new bluegrass acts as well. Kentucky has an exciting musical history that everyone should explore.

Another special attraction that you should not miss, is Kentucky's one of a kind horse park. The Kentucky Horse Park is the only horse park in the United States that features over 50 different breeds of horses. This is an educational event for people of all ages. On over 1200 acres, you will see the beautiful Kentucky horses at work and play.

For adults, it is a must to experience some of Kentucky's finest wines. There are many places you can go to taste the delicious wine, including the annual Kentucky Wine and Vine Festival that takes place in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

For corvette lover's nation wide, the National Corvette Museum is a must- see. With classic cars to brand new models there are over 75 amazing corvettes in this museum.

There are also many lakes, rivers, and gorgeous waterfalls in Kentucky that one should experience. Cumberland falls is an astonishing 125 foot waterfall that has a 60 foot plunge. This is often referred to as the 'Niagara of the South'.

There are so many amazing attractions and experiences in Kentucky. Whether you are looking for a couple's adventure, or a family treat, Kentucky has it all.