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Kentucky Sports

Sports - Kentucky
Photo: Lori Spindler

Sports are great for everyone of all ages to partake in. Many people like different types of sports. Although some prefer luxury sports such as canoeing, others prefer to take on the adventure or mountain climbing. Many times there are different sports in countries that are never heard of in America. In America, some sports are more popular in certain states than others.

In Kentucky, basketball and football are the most common sports. The most common city where these sports are played is Louisville. Although these sports are also popular in other states throughout the world, it is the most popular in Kentucky as all of the die hard fans live there. In the past decade, there have been high school and college students that have been ranked the best 20 players nationally. many professional basketball and football players come from the state of Kentucky. The talent of basketball players is continually increasing everyday as new players are brought to attention.

If you are a basketball or football fan, then Kentucky is the state for you to live in. You won't want to miss any games living in this state since this is where they put the fun in both basketball and football.